Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Joy Of Lawn Care

When Cindy and I were in the market for a home a couple years back, we had two homes that fit our needs, budget, and location. One had a large yard but small 1 car garage, the other, a smaller lawn, a 2 car garage, well landscaped yard with minimal maintenance, and built in sprinklers. We chose the latter, the low maintainence yard and bigger garage. Yard maintenance, and pruning, are right up there with buying new tires and dental work on my list of favorite things to do. Today with the sun out and T-shirt weather conditions outside, I decided to survey the dammage from my winter neglect. I think I have more moss and clover than grass, and weeds are comming in a close 3rd. The fortunate thing is my yard is small enough to nuke the whole thing and I might just need a pallet of sod to replace it all. That looks like my best bet, that or astroturf.